Goats at the Inn

New goats, Barbie and Pink Delicious, have found a home at the Inn. Both girls are twins and are part Nubian and Saaen. We never knew goats had such sweet personalities, we walk them to the River each day, and then comb their hair. Obviously not the usual treatment for a farm animal. When you come to the Inn be ready to learn about goats.photo


William Cox Inn adds a blog

There is always something going on at the William Cox Inn. We have created this blog in order to share exciting news, specials, and events with our visitors. We will update this blog with any specials or discounts on a regular basis, so feel free to sign up for our blog feed and stay ahead of the game. We believe in participating in our local community, and will inform our guests of any event that may be of interest to them.


William Cox Inn launches a new website

We have been working closely with Purely Branded over the past few months. They have helped us transform our online image, and we are finally showing our website visitors what the William Cox Inn is all about. We used new images, new logo and a new color scheme to complete our online transformation. We further  integrated online availability into our site, to improve user experience.