William Cox Inn is unique from other bed and breakfasts in many ways. Our 9000 square foot Inn has many spaces in which to relax in privacy in order to enjoy precious time away from your daily routine. Your arrival is special to us, so we offer a token of hospitality with a complimentary glass of red or white Virginia wine. In the evening, we like to help your transition to sleep with a complimentary glass of Pear Port from Horton Vineyard and chocolates from Charlottesville’s Gearhart Chocolates.

In the Spring, enjoy the nearby vineyards, take a walk to the Shenandoah National Park to see the Spring Ephemerals, or enjoy our French Picnique down by the River.

The summer is a time to visit Monticello, swim in our outdoor pool overlooking the mountains, and see fireflies that look like diamonds. Walk through our sustainable vegetable garden and grab some Sun Gold tomatoes for a special treat

Fall is beautiful since we are facing two mountain ranges that develop a full spectrum of colors, all while still experiencing pleasant daytime temperatures.

And the farm animals! A flock of chickens fed non-GMO feed along with plenty of garden greens and uneaten guest breakfasts. Now, our new sweet goats, Barbie, Pink Delicious and Love, can walk with you on the path to the River.